About Us Vecto Caravans

When you love caravanning as much as we do, it feels natural to share your passion, knowledge and expertise. Vecto Caravans was born out of this common passion for caravanning and a desire to maintain Australian design integrity by manufacturing locally.

With a team of experts who come from decades in automotive, caravan and building industries, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and combine the best of each industry to perfect this one. Vecto Caravans stand apart from many other caravan manufacturers with our innovative approach to design and premium quality.

At our brand core:
‘To be brave and explore new things‘

The constantly evolving manufacturing and design processes bring new options to caravan customers. Our team are dedicated to finding innovative ways to improve your caravanning experience and challenge the expectations of what caravaning adventures look like. Pushing these boundaries in construction and innovation help you comfortably push the boundaries in where your next adventure will take you.

Vecto Caravans The Vecto Way

‘Open the unique Australian caravan travel experience to all, through improved products and destinations ‘

Manufacturing and design has evolved bringing new opportunities to caravan customers. Our team understands there are problems to be solved and better ways to experience your caravan. Working with the customer we come together to solve many common issues. Approaching problems working with the customer creates excitement for our products!

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