Modern Caravans

A fit for everyone who need to fit everything Explore the range of caravan sizes and configurations to suit your lifestyle.

What sets Vecto apart from mass-produced caravans is our well thought out unique and customisable range of modern caravans.
We’re setting the industry benchmark for excellence in caravan design and local build in Melbourne, with innovative manufacturing processes, advancements in technology and high-quality fittings that all come together with impeccable attention to detail and material choices.

Whether your lifestyle involves a large family or small group, our designs let you choose the size and configuration based on towing, beds and living space. Browse our Family (4-5 berth) and Escape (2-3 berth) ranges to find the perfect one to live out all your adventuring memories.

Make It Yours Customised by you, built by Vecto.

With Vecto Caravans, you can customise your new home to complement your taste, needs and lifestyle. Start with a layout that matches your needs and then choose from our extensive colour palette and finishes handpicked by our interior designers.

Explore our upholstery selector for a wide variety of fabrics that are hard-wearing and yet, soft to touch. Pick out your hardware and add all genuine accessories to your build, including upgrades to your battery management system, on board water tanks, airbag suspension and many more.

The Vecto Edge

The team at Vecto Caravans has a combined total of 75 years’ experience in the automotive, caravan and building industries, and was brought together by a common passion for caravanning and the desire to maintain Australian design integrity through manufacturing locally.

Leading with our new-to-the-caravan-world design, Vecto Caravans has carefully considered the environments our customers will travel. The Vecto team has engineered a fibreglass, insulated composite structure (floor, wall and roof) which prevents the problems of rotting, soft spots and delamination all of which traditional caravans are susceptible to.

There’s not just one reason that sets Vecto Caravans
apart from the others, there are five.
We call them the Vecto Edge.

Every caravan with our name on it is a product of years of experience, research and development. Our expert team carefully considered your comfort, accessibility and enjoyment during your travel to deliver our modern caravans.
At Vecto Caravans we get that caravaning is a lifestyle, what we’ve come to expect in caravaning’s present is vastly different to it’s past and we’re here to take it further. Vecto Caravans have been raising the bar with uncompromising quality and luxurious living options.
Our intelligent designs are brought to life using only the highest grade of Australian composite materials and steels that can withstand the various environments you’ll traverse, ensuring your safety every step (or tow) of the way. The high-quality materials offer strength and durability on the outside and help improve insulation and sound dampening qualities on the inside.
We understand when it comes to choosing a caravan tow size and living space are first in mind. While the Vecto Caravan is a whole new silhouette on the outside, it’s a whole new world of customisable luxury once you step inside. With 6 living configurations and sizes, you’ll love clever details like our unique 'Cone of Silence' padding around the main bed, dampening external noise for a peaceful sleep.
From choosing the right caravan to handover and beyond, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Whether you’re finally fulfilling that dream or you’re a well-travelled caravanner, our team will support you on every aspect of your journey. An overnight stay allows you to trial-run your modern caravan with help at arms reach.