Vecto Edge

Behind Simplicity there is great Complexity!

Our caravans are the product of years of experience, research and development.
We challenged our design team to create bold external symmetry, aerodynamic shapes, elegant interior lines, and to optimise interior spaces and livability. The team has delivered!
Complementing the design, Vecto Caravans are built utilising the highest grade of Australian composite materials and steels to withstand the various environments our customers will traverse. The materials are strong on the outside and create better internal conditions through improved insulation and sound dampening qualities.
Whether it’s your first time or you’re a well travelled caravanner our service team will support you on every aspect of your journey. It begins with our thorough handover process detailing all the features and functions of your new caravan. First time caravanners will enjoy an extended handover with a local overnight stay featuring a safety introduction to ensure you avoid some of the first time pitfalls.
Whilst travelling our customers receive support from the Vecto team for all travelling and servicing advice.

Vecto Caravans has implemented a quality system that covers our material selection, our manufacturing methods, equipment control, and teams training. Our quality system ensures all caravans are tested for appearance, function and specification to the customer. All this focus ensures a product to exceed your expectations.

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